Homesteading Video of the Month.

Deep South Homestead

Welcome to the Homesteading Video of the Month Page. This is the part of our website where we give back to the community by advertising their channels, on our website. We believe here at "Homesteading Our Way" that community, collaboration, and communication are all important keys to have when you are running your homestead. It may not be every homestead that has a channel but there are some homesteaders that do; and it can be a good source of income for them and a way to showcase their knowledge. So the way we say thank you is by once a month choosing one of our subscribers who has a Homesteading channel and advertising their channel right here on our website!  Enjoy! Have fun learning what other homesteaders are busy doing! 

What we look for in a channel?

Part of our way to give back to the community we love is to show off some of the great homesteading channels out there. What we look for in a You tube channel is a Homesteading community willing to help others out and share their knowledge with those of us who are so eager to learn. The next thing is that really comes in when picking the channel is we want to make sure that they are family friendly. These are  just a few of the thing that we look for, when picking the next channel of the month. Finally some of the channels that are featured have been kind enough to help us spread the word about our website, that's the great thing about Homesteading we are a community willing to help one another out! 

How to register a channel?

So when there is a channel that you either have or want to get on our website there are three simple steps that you are going to have to follow that are completely free.

1. Sign up to become a member so we can begin to get your video on the site.

2. Send us one of your best videos or channel trailers for us to put up on the page.

3. Wait for a few hours so we can get back to you to see if you were the one who was picked to be the channel of the month.

As part of our way to give back to the community we are trying to help grow these channels for all the homesteaders out there.

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