Hay Bale Garden

One of the most cost effect way to garden!!

Hay Bale Garden Growing some very nice plants..

Garden boxes are a very expensive thing to buy for your homestead but also very useful. Hay bale Garden technique is one of the best ways to save money and keep your garden clean. The hay bale garden box comes with a very great add-ons one of the best add-ons is that the Haybale’s holds all the water that you water the plants with. If you live in an area that is very dry and very hot the hay bale is the best things to use for gardening because you can water the Haybale‘s in the morning and since they are in that hey will soak up all the moisture that you water the plants with and keep the plants wet all day and week. Now another thing that comes in handy with the Haybale technique is that Haybale comes with lots of nutrients and nitrogen for the plants to eat up and grow. Wondering that comes in very handy with the Haybale garden boxes is that at the end of the season it all can be thrown in your compost pile. One problem that comes with using Hay bale’s as the garden boxes is that it usually doesn’t end up looking the best like the garden boxes do that are made of wood or metal. I have found that one of the pros with hay bales as your garden boxes as it saves on getting soil. My family and I live in a small town and we live close to in the city and it’s hard to get soil that is pretty cheap. So that’s one of the major reasons why I prefer using hey bills as your garden boxes. One thing about Haybale is that when using them you can’t plant as much plants as you want in them. Usually is around six plants that can fit in there perfectly but you can always add more. Now let’s get into the set up about how to set up your hay bale garden. The first thing you’re gonna have to do is set up the hay bales in the position that you want them to be in for your garden. The second thing that you’re going to want to do is pick out the plants that you want to plant in the garden. The third thing you’re gonna have to do is depend on the tools you have if you don’t have a little auger tool that can attach to your cordless drill he should use a knife or scissors to cut the holes into the Haybale that you’re gonna be able to plant your plants. The fifth and final thing you’re gonna have to do is finally plant your plants you’re gonna grab the little soil that’s in there and then soak the Haybale’s so they can soak up the water. Please make sure not to soak the Haybale‘s two months therefore mold can grow and destroy everything that you work so hard to make. Always remember have fun keep homesteading and God bless.

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