How To Grow Potato

So I have been online for a while looking at something fun and easy to grow that does not take up that much room at my place. So after a few hours online I found out about how easy and lack of hard work it takes to grow a potato. Well, we should start at the begging. The first thing that should be done is to pick out the right seed potatoes that you want. The range of potato can be anything but the ones that my family picked were from our local seed store. The kind where little french fry potato chip potatoes. So far they have been growing very nice and fast. Now the potatoes that you get should have lots of eyes on them that can be seen where the new growth is coming up. Once you find the bag of seed potatoes that have all the eyes that you need you should begin putting them in the bottom of the box or borrow that you are going to be using. This place where you are putting the seedlings should be a little off the ground so that the bugs can not get in there and all so the water can drain out fast and smooth. After you got the place where the potatoes are going there should be a nice layer of dirt on the bottom for them to rest on. After they are in there with there eyes that are facing up you should cover the potatoes with around three inches of dirt. What we used for the mix were one bag of cow fertilizer Peat moss and regular potting soil. They should be mixed very well before putting the potatoes in there. Once that they are covered and there is no chance of the potatoes of being uncovered be you watering them that should be good for a long time. After they are all done and covered up you should make sure that you water them every day and keep them very moist. Now it may take a few weeks and a couple of days for the potatoes plant part pop up from the ground. Now if you have them in small boxes or garden area you can leave them and you will get some potatoes from it. Now the way that I have been doing it, I found was a very effect of and the YouTube video I watched there is something extra you are going to need to do. Once the potato plants get around 4 to 6 inches tall that is when you need to cover them again. This may seem weird but the plants should then grow through the 4 to 6 inches that you put on top of them. That will then give the potatoes more room to grow and they will produce more potatoes. This is going to increase your output of potatoes per plant. Now if you want more information and see where I got some of the information and help from please check out this video it was amazing and the craters of this video are very nice and informative. So check them out and comment where you came from. Always remember to have fun gardening and never give up, also God Bless.

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