Take Out Containers to Greenhouse

" Small things can make a big difference in the Homesteading world. "

Well in the homesteading world I believe that everyone should be on a budget and that how we live our homestead. With the homestead that I run it can sometimes be pretty expensive to buy garden greenhouse containers at the local store because growing that much food is going to be taking a lot of room and though boxes do add up over time. So when my family came back from going out to eat with some friends we had a leftover roasted chicken box. then I thought to my self because I saw that the top of the lid has little openings in it to let all of the steam out. Once I saw that I knew that it was going to be great for a Micro greenhouse. The little opening in the tops is good for letting out all of the hot air that is made in the greenhouse so the little seedlings do not get too warm. So when we were done eating the chicken I cleaned out the containers with soap and water to get all of the leftover chicken grease and crumbs out I brought them out to the greenhouse. Once I got them out there I got downright to planting. I first thought that they were not going to work but after a few days, I saw that they were working very well. The little containers were doing way better than I ever thought that they would do. The one issue that I do find with these is that they are not that big. I feel that when growing in a greenhouse in the way begging you are going to need a lot of room to plant all of the seeds and these containers are not big. All in all, I do believe that these little things are amazing to have in the homestead. They can be containers a lot cheaper than the ones at the garden shop only because there is a chicken in the other one. So when you go out to eat please continuously remember to keep though little containers because they can be used to grow your next meal. Always remember to keep on going and God Bless.

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