Time To Grow

Is it "TIME" to start growing

There might be snow on the ground and more in the forecast, but as many of you know that does not stop us homesteaders from wanting to get growing with our gardens! Some of us are blessed enough to have an established greenhouse which takes the worry of the seasons mostly away. however, there are some of us who either don't have a greenhouse or one that is not heated, or maybe not even completely finished so that leaves us with a weather issue. So instead of letting winter take over our homesteads, and create a sadness because we can't be growing, we looked up a couple of ways that will give you hope! These ideas, although not our own are amazing! And I will make sure to give you the sites where I found the information because they deserve the credit. We just were hungry for information and wanted to share this great information with all of our homesteading families. One of the most interesting sites that we came upon that gave us hope for "winter" planting was from on this site we found so much information about winter-sowing. It was amazing to see how this author used simple milk jugs to create individual greenhouses, and got amazing results! So if you are interested in starting some seeds but afraid it's too cold take a look at their site and you may also be just as amazed as we were with what you can do with a couple of milk jugs. Another site that was just full of great information for winter-sowing was This site was amazingly helpful giving great information about adding thermal mass, insulation and ways to cover up our lil seedlings. These are just a few of the great ideas of "hope" that are out there! If you have any others or even have your own great ideas please make sure to leave them in the comments below! Thanks again for stopping by, Homesteaders sticking together is what makes this site keep going!

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