Too Many Irons in the Fire

Keep your love of Homesteading burning "HOT"!

Sometimes it feels like things are just not "hot" enough and by "hot" I don't mean the weather; I'm talking about "hot" as in "the next big thing", "interesting", "something everyone wants to be a part of"!! That's the "hot" I'm referring too. Sometimes I think in order to stay "hot" we must look at what is in our fire! I believe sometimes we have too many irons in the fire which causes our flames to be over used, drawn out, and not keep our "fires" burning "hot" enough. I think you might get all the metaphors! So in plain words what I am trying to say is this; as homesteaders we have a lot going on. You name it we are doing it! So sometimes the things that are most important to us get a little neglected. It's not something that we do on purpose we are just busy! So my thoughts were this: Pick the one thing that made you start homesteading and make sure that it is "HOT" make sure you haven't neglected this. Most importantly make sure that you are still having fun and enjoying the homesteading life style! This is why we are here, to make our lives better and to enjoy them. Please feel free to comment below what started you into this wonderful life of homesteading and what you are going to continue to keep "hot"

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